Cycles of Brooding

by Lyon's Ghost

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Recorded in our home studio at the beginning of 2015


released August 21, 2015

All music by Lyon's Ghost, 2015
All lyrics by Chris Grandy
Engineered and Mixed by Lyon's Ghost
Mastered by Chris Graham
Artwork by Toys and Cake

Lyon's Ghost is:
Chris Grandy - guitar and vox
Alex Randall - bass and baritone guitar
Abby Arnold - drums



all rights reserved


Lyon's Ghost Columbus, Ohio

After recruiting a solid rhythm section, singer/songwriter Chris Grandy began taking his songs and making them into intricate grunge tunes that detail the frustrations of every day life. Lyon's Ghost is a voice for the stranded, telling stories of confusion and apathy. We strive for straightforward, hard-hitting rock. Enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Reload
This time, I won't be coming back
Hightailing it right off the track

Won't let you
Convince me otherwise
Or crawl back to
Those ever-glowing evil eyes...yeah!

I've lost a sense of purpose inside
Where in this world can I hole up and hide

That doesn't end in my death
Farewell then,
We'll never tell the tale again!

Next year you'll forget what you learned
As far as existence concerns
Track Name: Warmonger
Shut your goddamn mouth!
You're forgetting what it's all about
Blood is in the sky
Facts that can't be covered with a lie

For it's takin' you back
And you're catchin' more flack
No compassion in the stack...

When your jig is up
Who you think is gonna come out on top?
Bounty on your head!
Someone else'll be breaking the bread

And you're going INSANE!
They won't remember your name
With your likeness in the flame...

Oh well it's only fate
No time to deviate...
Track Name: Intangible
Don't cry yourself to sleep
Don't awake in a fright
Without a sound exerted,
He'll slip into the night

He's an intangible fancy
And he knows who you are!
Solid walls cannot hide
The likes of stinking game from afar

Don't feel his presence around
Nothing surrounds him
A smuggler he's not much of
No place to hide in

His revelation
Will not be seen at all
Recuperation blinding light,
Set off by means of taking way too long to fall

A restless one...You are!
Voracious one...You are!

Wonders why it's something different
Rational but yet unreal
Set to take in all of nothing
Reaching though he cannot feel

Sending me, testing me, oh no!
Ancient divider
Stretching infinity's hold on,
He pulls it wider...

When the SUN SLEEPS,
The wolves begin to HOWL!
Appearance, reassurance
Caught the existential plane wholly by surprise

Nigh asking me...Gone!
All spastic in your EYES
Not wrapped up in your WHYS

Untouchable grin,
Insatiable stride,
Intangible MIGHT!
Track Name: Breaking Point
Breaking out of my shell
Odds are one in ten
One mistake and I wanna go
Back inside again
Carefully chosen words,
Impeding what I wanna say
In the battle with myself
That happens almost everyday

Sanity in a fragile state
Shatters up and down the wall
Vultures in the hunt, so get what you want
Before they take it all!
Never mind the heart attack
It's all up to you
Not much more to be said
When there's nothing left to do

I just sit and stare,
Won't get us anywhere
Tell me if I need to care...
They don't realize
What's behind these eyes
Never even really tried...yeah!

One more time around the point
Circling in my head
Facts worth choosing to ignore
Til we wind up dead
Memories of torture keep taking you back,
Clouding everything you see
'Keep your head down, son!', they said
'You really shoulda paid the fee!'

Taken one last time,
Scared out of your mind
Grabbin' what they can find!
Track Name: Headspin
Fortune one
Here again
Do what's done
While they stand
In the sun
Lie face down
Pain flows through all facets
While you drown

In you're guise
Though you tried to
Wish otherwise!

It depends
On the mood you've struck
We know mercy has
None to do with luck

All your breaths
While the rest
Dwindles at best!